Term & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions will apply to all services rendered by Eco Pool (defined herein below).


At Eco pool private limited, we respect your need for online privacy and protect any Personal Information that you may share with us, in an appropriate manner. This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to those who visit our website ________and mobile app owned and operated by Eco pool private limited, as well as co-passengers of services delivered via our mobile app or mobile site (“Services”). As a condition to use of Services, you consent to the terms of the Privacy Policy Statement as it may be updated from time to time. It is also established that the person accepting these terms and conditions is well-versed and understands English language and accepted that the font size is readable in nature.


Definitions and Interpretations

Definitions Unless the context otherwise requires, the following capitalized words as used in these Terms shall have the meaning as respectively assigned to such terms hereunder: “User” shall mean a person who uses the services of Eco Pool; “Applicable Laws” shall mean and include, all applicable statutes, enactments, acts of legislature or the Parliament, laws, ordinances, rules, by-laws, regulations, notifications, guidelines, policies, directions, directives and orders of any Governmental Authority (as defined below), tribunal, board, court or a recognized stock exchange of India; “Governmental Authority” means any governmental or statutory authority, government department, agency, commission, board, tribunal, court or other entity, authority or body authorized to exercise legislative, judicial, regulatory or administrative functions of, or pertaining to, a government or any state or other subdivision thereof or any municipality, district or other subdivision thereof having jurisdiction pursuant to Applicable Laws; “Car Sharing” means the sharing of a Vehicle for a journey by a Car Owner carrying a Co-passenger for that journey in exchange for a Cost Contribution; “Car Owner” or “Driver” means a Member who offers to share a car journey with a Co-passenger in exchange for the Cost Contribution., “Co-Passenger” shall mean any person who has formally enrolled to use Eco pool vehicles and/or services and means a Member who has accepted an offer to become co-passenger and share the trip expenses with the car owner and includes all other persons who accompany such Member in the Vehicle for the Trip., “Trip” means a specified journey in relation to which a Car Owner and a Co-Traveler have agreed upon to use the services of eco pool., “Eco Pool” shall only be treated as a platform where car owner meets co-passenger for cost contribution of the scheduled trip”.,“Driver” shall mean the person driving the car., “Terms” shall mean these terms and conditions as may be updated, altered, modified, novated, substituted or replaced from time to time.

Eligibilities of Car owner

  • He/She should be Indian Citizen. 
  • Hold a valid Driving license at least 1 year old and should be according to the rules of Motor Vehicle Act. 
  • Should not be suffering from any mental illness.
  • Own a vehicle registered in his/her name.
  • The Car owner should upload all the vehicle related documents on the App of the company
  • Minimum registration age is 18 Years.
  • Verified profiles are allowed to use the platform,
  • The vehicle should be properly Insured.
  • The trip should not be for any fraudulent purpose.
  • The owner will declare about the past criminal record.
  • Such person must have a good driving record and should not have been found guilty of any offence involving moral turpitude or any offence under Motor Vehicles Act.
  • Commercial use of this platform is prohibited and against the Motor Vehicle Act.
  • The Car Owner must comply with Good Conduct and behavior at all times.


Eligibilities/Responsibilities for Co-Passenger 

  • Must hold and present the valid identity proof at the time of boarding the car.
  • That no cancellation charges will be levied if the co-passenger cancels the trip one hour prior to the start of the journey. If the co-passenger fails to do so then, the _______charges will be included in the next trip.
  • That minimal penalty will be imposed on cancellation of the ride.
  • Must be present at the decided location at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the journey.
  • Must agree to the route decided prior to the start of the journey.
  • Must pay his/her pre-decided contribution to the car owner.
  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Must specify the drop-off location on the app/website. Any alteration afterwards is subjected to the approval of the car owner only.
  • The co-passenger must comply with Good Conduct and behavior at all times.


Responsibilities of Car Owner 

  • That the car owner must reach at the decided location at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the journey.
  • Cancellation should be informed at least before one hour of the journey. If he fails to do ________
  • Minimal Penalty will be imposed on cancellation of scheduled trips .
  • That the car owner should not drink and drive the car.
  • The car owner should not allow more co-passenger than mentioned for booking.
  • The car owner should mention the correct vehicle details to the co-passengers.
  • The car owner will not make any misrepresentation regarding eco pool, its Applications, the Services or the Driver’s status as a Driver, offer or provide transportation service for other Users for remuneration without notifying eco pool and using eco pool’s Services, nor shall the Driver hold himself or herself out as an agent of eco pool, or as a public carrier or taxi service, charge for rides or otherwise seek non-voluntary compensation from Passengers, or engage in any other activity in a manner that is inconsistent with the Driver’s obligations under this Agreement. 

  • The car owner should bring all the papers related to the vehicle and it is the duty of the car owner to keep them updated.
  • The car owner should drop the co-passengers at the pre-decided locations.
  • The car owner should not deviate from the decided route unless there are inevitable circumstances to do so.
  • The car owner has to follow the traffic rules asper the Motor Vehicle Act. 

General Conditions

  • That a maximum of 4 seats can be offered in a hatchback and 7seats in SUV.
  • That Eco Pool does not provide guarantee for the scheduled rides, it is only providing the leads of the interested co-passengers. Eco Pool is only acting as an aggregator between the car owner and the co-passenger.  
  • That only aadhar verified users is allowed in the platform.
  • That this platform cannot be used for any speed race or competition.
  • That this platform cannot be used for primary business purpose of transporting people or operating a taxi service.
  • That the platform will maintain the privacy of the data of its customers.
  • That the stoppage of the vehicle in a journey is the area of consultation between the owner and the co-passenger, eco pool will not interfere in the same.
  • That no person shall provide eco pool with false information (including, without limitation, any personal information such as name, age, or address) or whose representations are determined to be false.
  • A user is not allowed to create multiple accounts with same driving license. Eco Pool retains the right to cancel membership and ride if a user is found to be using same driving license for creating multiple accounts.
  • Driving while using a mobile phone or any other mobile communication device in any manner whatsoever, including while sending an SMS, emailing, using a cell phone with or without a hands-free device, otherwise using a mobile communication device or engaging in similar activities is prohibited.
  • The car owner should only bring the car which is registered on the app for travelling.
  • Eco Pool is not responsible for any accident and/or injury caused to the driver and/or any of the co-passengers due to personal negligence or negligence of the driver.
  • That Eco Pool cannot be held liable for snatching, robbery, theft and other criminal offence occurred during the trip.
  • That Eco Pool cannot be held liable for any kind of eve teasing, molesting or any such offence in case happens with either car owner or co-passenger.
  • In the unfortunate event when there is a breakdown of the vehicle, while being used by the Passenger, and it is clearly established that the breakdown was due to a mechanical / electrical failure of the vehicle and not due to any consequential or driving behaviour related damage caused by the Passenger, Eco pool will have no responsibility of the same. 
  • Payment can be made in cash or online. 
  • Eco Pool reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the terms and conditions of the agreement without any prior notice. In the case of any alterations to the agreement, the user will be notified through on the eco pool website or Mobile Application. An email will also be sent to the user.